​Child Development Center

Young Preschool 

Kindergarten Readiness

Toddler 1 & 2


Our teachers meet each child’s needs as they become more curious and active.  Learning through play is promoted with stimulating activities, songs and stories.  The continued use of sign language helps to build communication skills and self-confidence.   Your child will experience a loving environment full of creative art, sensory, dramatic play and language.   Learning how to share, take turns and follow directions are some of the life skills nurtured and encouraged.  Lesson plans are used to provide a variety of experiences through group art, science, math, and language.  

Our School-Age program is year round and offers a safe and exciting atmosphere for friends to spend time together.  For your convenience we offer transportation to and from several community schools.  After school activities are offered allowing each child to make their own choice of interest.  Our teachers create a lesson plan full of projects and cooking activities. Homework time and assistance are given.  One of the most exciting times is snack time where you will find your child chatting with other friends about their school day and upcoming events.  Our teachers plan field trips during school breaks and summer camp.  The "Adventures" that we take are "Academic" based with hands on fun!  This program is designed to help children create, discover, play and socialize while gaining a sense of who they are.

SCHOOL- AGE/ Summer Camp

Our Young Preschool program is the stepping stone to our Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness programs. This program has been designed to meet the needs of children 2 1/2  and older. We focus on our love for learning, gaining new experiences daily through play and hands on activities. One of the main goals at this age is to develop life skills that children will use throughout their early years. We create a safe environment for children's social emotional growth; teaching them about feelings/emotions and how to handle them. Helping a child become confident in who they are is a true part of who we are at Academic Adventures.


Our inviting, warm and safe infant room provides a nurturing and loving environment for your child. Our teachers develop and implement age-appropriate activities that promote social, physical and cognitive learning.  The interaction between our caregivers and your child build skills that will be enhanced as they progress through the ages and stages of development.  Sign language is introduced at this early age and is emphasized as they progress through our programs.


Our traditional approach to preschool learners proves to be an asset to your child's academic journey. We offer a program that is designed to build language, math, science and pre-writing skills.  Developing letter sounds/identification, rhyming and patterning will increase language and literacy.  An emphasis on self-help, self-respect and respect of others helps build social development with peers as the children become more self confident. Our teachers support each child’s individual needs and curiosities.  Hands-on activities help stimulate fine motor skills and coordination.

  Preparing for kindergarten is the most important adventure of all!  Our teacher’s primary job is to unlock the secret of learning for each child through a well-rounded curriculum.  Identifying colors, shapes, learning vocabulary, counting, writing and phenomic awareness will all be focused on in a well organized and warm environment.  It is our teachers commitment to communicate regularly through conversations, newsletters and conferences to keep you informed about your child’s learning.  Students participate in art, music, hands-on science, math and literacy in which will create a student ready to continue their lifetime of learning.  Following directions, taking turns, respect for self, classmates and environment build imperative life skills.  The classroom experience will help build your child’s self confidence and create a successful transition into kindergarten.